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Massage Therapy in 6D

The Benefits of Weekly Massage

If you’ve ever had a private deep-tissue or Swedish massage, you know that feeling of ultimate relaxation – the one where your muscles release and every kink and sticking point is suddenly free and easy.

Regularly-scheduled massage therapy is an effective treatment for people suffering from muscle and joint pain, and massage therapy is increasingly recognized as a vital form of integrative medicine. But professional massages are costly, and for most Americans, it’s unrealistic to book in-person massages on a weekly, or even monthly basis. 

Enter: touch-less massage therapy at dtXfy, where our 6D massage loungers mimic human hands, so you can tap into those therapeutic benefits as often as you’d like.


What is massage therapy? 


Massage therapy is all about manipulating the muscles and soft tissues of your body, using a variety of pressures and movement. There are several different types of massage, such as a Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, and therapeutic massage. Each boasting its own unique approach and offering up many of the same great benefits. The best fit for you is determined by your pressure preference and what muscles need that extra attention. 


What are the benefits of massage?


Did you know that medical professionals often recommend massage therapy as an integral part of a treatment plan? That’s because the benefits are real, and there’s much to be said for slowing down and paying attention to your body. 

Body massage induces natural, involuntary relaxation responses from the nervous system. Your heart rate and breathing rate slow and your blood pressure and stress hormones decrease. The pressure  applied to your soft tissue leads to greater circulation of blood and lymph fluid and a reduction of swelling.

Over time, regular massage therapy – 

  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces pain, muscle soreness and tension
  • Improves circulation, energy and alertness
  • Lowers heart rate and blood pressure
  • Improves immune function 


What is a 6D massage chair?


Unlike typical massage chairs with rollers that only move back and forth or up and down, 6D massage chairs use a roller that protrudes into the body and closely mimics the feeling of human hands. The roller system separates the upper and lower massaging arms, allowing one to focus on the upper body while the other focuses on the lower body. 

While traditional, private massages still absolutely hold a place in the wellness world for those who need it, 6D massage chairs are a powerful alternative for anyone looking for a more regular treatment cycle.


In knead of some you time?


Everyone should set aside time to slow down and take care of their mental and physical health. It’s vital to looking and feeling your very best, and dtXfy is here to support you in that journey. When you’re in between sessions or simply looking for ongoing wellness that operates on your schedule, a massage lounger at dtXfy may be just what you need. 


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