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Renew. Revitalize. Repair.

Red Light Therapy | Infrared Sauna | 6d Massage Therapy

Infrared Sauna

It’s time to sweat healthy! Infrared light is the calming, warming wavelength of sunlight that penetrates the layers of the skin, raising your core temperature and releasing the toxins within. This isn’t your usual sauna.

Red Light Therapy

Want the benefits, not the heat? No sweat. Our red light therapy rooms harness the power of red and near infra-red light, penetrating through the skin, muscle and connective tissue, ​to promote healing and cellular regeneration.

Massage Therapy

Trust us, you knead this! Our 6D Massage Pods skip convention in favor of rollers, closely mimicking the feel of human hands. Enjoy a contactless, holistic treatment that combines stretching, heat, compression and reflexology.


Welcome to dtXfy™, a renewal studio for everyone interested in looking and feeling their very best. Wellness enthusiasts, athletes, chronic pain sufferers & anyone in search of balance – we see you.

3 Degrees of Renewal

Walk into a dtXfy™ studio worn down or worn out, and walk out reinvigorated. We offer the latest technology and innovations in light therapy and massage, providing three core services to help renew, revitalize and repair your body and mind.


Ready to renew, you?

Here’s how you’ll benefit from our wellness therapies


Feeling good should come easy.

Here’s what getting started looks like.

is easy

Use the dtXfy online booking portal to schedule your Intro Session. If you prefer real-time human connection, simply call your nearest location to ask any and all of your questions before booking.

Ease into

At your first appointment, one of our Renewal Specialists will take the time to focus on you. Enjoy a tour, fill us in on your unique needs, and we’ll curate a suggested course of therapies to meet your specific needs.

your balance

Unlike many health treatments, light therapy and massage therapy are non-invasive, safe to use every day, and have virtually no risks or side effects. If you choose to join our growing community, you’ll have access to wellness all day, everyday, at whatever frequency suits you.


Come to this relaxation retreat bare – no makeup, no moisturizers, no fuss. Arrive well hydrated, ready to relax and soak up the glow.


dtXfy is an accessible space – our hallways, bathroom and Retreat Sauna are ADA compliant.


Coming from work or play? Don’t sweat it. Help yourself to our complimentary, hypoallergenic makeup remover wipes, showers and Reverse Osmosis H2O.

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