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How to Prepare
For Your First Visit

Prioritize your H2O!

Before any visit, ensure you’re well hydrated, so that you sweat longer and reap the benefits of the infrared sauna and red light therapy to their fullest.


Hydration is important during massage too. A hydrated, soft muscle is easier to manipulate than a dehydrated, more rigid one, so prep your body for maximum tension release.

Ready Your Skin

Avoid applying makeup and moisturizers that contain SPF, as the products can block or prevent light penetration. After your sauna and light therapy sessions, marvel at how soft and vibrant your skin will look and feel naturally.

After A Session

Post treatment, you may be tempted to hop in the shower, but we encourage you to keep your heart rate up and that sweat going for the next 30 minutes, maximizing the benefits of the sauna. This afterglow is part of the detoxification process, and an immediate shower will cut that process and the benefits short.


After 30-minutes, rise off, cool down and wash away the toxins that you’ve sweat out, so they’re not reabsorbed into your body throughout the day.


Plan ahead and bring loose, lightweight clothing to change into afterwards. Getting into snug jeans after a good sweat isn’t always the easiest.

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